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Islamic Quiz in English​: (Android and iPhone app) Islamic questions and answers.
Test your knowledge of Allah, Muhammad and Qur’an!

Quran Apps


This page shows Color coded Quran apps by Jabir Ali and Firdous fatima for Android and iPhone/iPAD. They can help you to improve your Quran reading skills.

इस्तिखारा फ्लिपबुक

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यह किताब इस्तिखारा का मसनून तरीका, दुआ या दूसरी गलत फहमियों का इजाला है। इसमे इस्तिखारा साउंड के साथ है।. इस्तिखारा की पीडीएफ फाइल डाउनलोड करें

Our Islamic App – iPhone

This page shows list of all Islamic iOS apps by Jabir Ali such as Namaz ka Tarika, Para 1 to 10, Para 1 with Hijje, Noorani qaida, Five surah, Urdu Qaida.

Islamic Apps

islamic-apps by jabir Ali anf firdous fatima

This page shows all Islamic Android apps such as Namaz, Surah, Para, Dua, Mazil, Shadatnama, Istikhara, Quiz, Tarjuma links by Jabir Ali and Firdous fatima.

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