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Surah Ar-Rahman Index

Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Surah Ar-Rahman is the 55th Chapter of the Holy Quran with 78 verses.

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Surah Rahman
Surah Rahman

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Surah Ar-Rahman (الرحمان‎, ar-raḥmān; meaning: The Merciful) is the 55th Chapter (Surah) of the Qur'an with 78 verses.


Q: When should we read Surah Rahman?

Answer: It is very beneficial to recite Ar-Rahman on a daily basis. if you recite it after Fajr prayer on Friday, it cleanses your heart from hypocrisy which is one of the greatest evils.

Q: What is the benefit of Surah Rahman?

Answer: It helps you to bring closer to Almighty Allah (SWT). Also, Surah Rahman helps you to remove the hypocrisy of your heart. If someone reads Surah Rahman in the morning, then an angel will help that person for the whole day.

Q: In which para of Quran is Surah Rahman?

Answer:Para 29

Q: How many Fabi AYYI Ala I Rabbikuma Tukazziban in Surah Rahman?

Answer: 31 times

Q: Which Surah is called The Beauty of Quran?

Answer:Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (R.A.) reported that Muhammad said, “Everything has an adornment, and the adornment of the Qur’an is Surah ar Rahman”.

Quran 55: Surah Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent)

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